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Welcome To KIN Creative

Family Above All

KIN Creative was born from a 20 year old dedicated to helping rebuild his families’ martial arts school that they lost during the pandemic. In 3 short years, we rebuilt their school, helped them open multiple locations and grow to 6 figures per month. From it was born our mission, Family Above All which means you are not just another client, you are family. We went to bat to save our family's business and we’ll do the same for you. Since then, we’ve served over 300 school owners around the world. We don’t get you students, we get you people who believe in you like family. We are a team of creatives who are empowered to help martial arts schools impact more lives and create a brighter future.

Welcome to KIN.

Who Is This For?

You own a martial arts school and are passionate about teaching high quality martial arts.

You want to grow your school to $100k+/month.

You are an action-taker and aren't afraid of putting in the work.

You want a long-term partner who can help you with sales and operations.

You are willing to invest to rapidly scale your school.

How We'll Grow Your School

Your long-term partners in business

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Craft Memberships

We'll help you create value-packed high-ticket memberships that will empower you to serve your students better and scale faster.

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Optimize Sales Process

We'll help you structure a sales process that will convert 75%+ of your trials from cold traffic into paying for your high ticket memberships.

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Content Creation

We'll come to your school and capture high quality content that will set you apart from your competitors using AI and stock content.

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Generate Leads

We'll craft ads that targets ideal students in your city, build relationships and converts them into people who are ready to buy.

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Increase Show Rates

Our Canada/US based team of martial artists will reach out to your leads, build rapport with them and ensure they show up for their trials.

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Our team of multi million dollar school owners will help you with systemizing, hiring, planning P&Ls, branding, curriculum and more.

Family Above All

Why partner with KIN?


We'll come to your school to capture high quality content to increase your lead-quality.

Martial artists based in the US and Canada to increase your show rates.

We diversify your lead flow between FB Ads, Google Ads, Website & organic Social Media.

Get help with systems, hiring, planning P&Ls, curriculum and more to improve retention.

We only make more money when we grow your NET monthly billing. That's why we help you with marketing AND operations.

When you partner with KIN you become part of our family. We'll serve you as best as we can.

The Others

Uses AI and stock content which attracts low-quality leads.

Outsources lead follow-ups to people overseas so they can increase their profits.

Relies soly on Facebook Ads to grow your school.

Only cares about getting you leads. They aren't focused on your NET growth.

Charges a flat retainer or per appointment booked. Has no incentive to grow your NET monthly billing.

Treats you like a number. Once they sign you they shift their focus to the next prospect.

Our Partners' Results
How Jim Went From Losing His School During The Pandemic To Making $100k/Month And Opening 3 Locations.
"These guys all did martial arts, so they understood our business on a pure level. As far as dollar value, it’s the best move we ever madeWhen we can have someone else take on the marketing, make sure they’re filling the room, and we can focus on giving the best quality martial arts every single class. That’s a dream come true."
Jim Morrison
CEO Of Champs Academy
How Andrew Went From 9k/month To $105k/month In Just 3 Years
"One thing that allowed us to hit 400 students so quickly was that we had a lot of automated help with not only our advertising but the booking of our appointments and it really allowed us to just focus on teaching high quality classes, keeping retention and making sure all the kids we having a good time."
Andrew Cunnane
CEO Of All Star Martial Arts
How We Helped Riley Increase His Lead Quality And Serve More People In His Community
"I like that they're a fresh team of hard-working individuals who really understand what I need because they’re all martial artists. They have research that’s taken lots of time and money to do, and they know the right markets to hit to make sure we’re getting quality leads. Now, 99% of my leads are high quality, which means almost every intro I have is almost guaranteed to sign-up. Without a doubt, I don’t think there’s any better choice on the market right now than partnering up with KIN and seeing what they have to offer for your school."
Riley Fyfe
CEO Of Grimsby Karate
How Matt Went From 0-400+ Students In 2.5 Years
"We ran Facebook and Google Ads and within the first year of being open we hit 200 students and now that we’re in our second year, we are at about 350 students. They’ve helped a lot of my friends and colleagues. Sometimes it’s slow and sometimes it’s busy, the key is just to stick with it. So be patient and they will explain everything to you as you know our job is teaching martial arts. That’s not our specialty so I try to focus on what I do best and leave that to the experts. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to get more students in your school and share your passion with other people."
Matt Ross
CEO Of Tiger Kicks Martial Arts
How Kelly Went From 5-150+ Students In 2 Years
"Before working with the team we only had about 5 or 10 students. After working with them we pretty much below up about 2-3 thousand percent. So now we’ve grown to owning 2 locations. The best thing about them is they’re always on the clock. They’re always able to help us with anything we need. We’re in good hands and we’re super happy."
Kelly Chang
Co-Owner Of Ignite Taekwondo
How Colton Ditched The Generic FB Ads Agencies And Added New 223 Students In A Year With KIN
"Prior to working with KIN we were paired with another big advertiser in the martial arts space and the results we’re going downhill.The problem was that marketer was too big. Anytime we tried to contact those guys, this person would pass us off to that person and no one had a clue what was going on. The difference between them and the other advertisers we’ve had has been the extreme level of communication and care. Last month we had close to 40 enrollments."
Colton Dillard
CEO Of Columbus Martial Arts
How Will Went From 20-100+ Students In Just 6 Months
"We’ve been working with them for a while now and our gym has blown up.The best thing about them is they are a marketing team that comes from a dojo.They have a great team. They are very positive and uplifting. They correct you where you’re wrong."
Will Esparza
CEO Of House Of Dragons Martial Arts

Meet Aadam

Aadam is a 24 year entrepreneur. He grew up at his parents martial arts school based in Ontario. Aadam was always passionate about business and martial arts.

By the age of 16, he achieved his 3rd dan black belt belt in Taekwondo and his blue-belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During the pandemic, Aadam's family lost their martial arts school.

Out of desperation, he started learning marketing so that he could help them recover their school. After three years he helped his family recover their school, reach 6 figures per month and open multiple locations.

Since then, Aadam has assembled a team of family members and friends to help serve more schools in our industry. To date, we have served over 300 schools, generated millions of dollars in revenue and impacted tens of thousands of lives.

A headshot of the CEO
Aadam Lodhi

Our Family

Amaan Lodhi
Team Leader
Brannon Beliso
Isa Lodhi
Landon Sukie
Virtual Concierge
Talha Cheema
Virtual Concierge
"After working with DojoLaunch we pretty much blew uptop 2000%, we are really happy working with DojoLaunch"
Master Kelly Chang & Jacky Lin
Ignite Taekwondo
"One of the best moves we've ever made for our business is using DojoLaunch"
Master Morrison
Champs Academy
"I really recommend Dojolaunch for the Gyms that are trying to start out and trying to grow"
Will Esparza
House of Dragons
"I highly recommend DojoLaunch if you're looking to get more leads and more students into your school"
Matt Ross
Tiger Kicks Martial Arts
"We've seen massive growth and finally able to reach a lot of students and teach them"
Riley Fyfe
Grimsby Karate Dojo
" When We Switched over to DojoLaunch, we started to see some growth and started expanding"
Andrew Cunnane
All Star Martial Arts
"We got around 40 enrolments last month with super low Cost-per-lead, these incredible group of people from DojoLaunch have helped us"
Colton Dillard
Columbus Martial Arts

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No, we do not hold our clients in contracts. We believe in creating long-term relationships through generating great results.

What happens if I don’t get any new students?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get any new students in your first 30 days of marketing with us.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, our prices are firm. Although we are not the cheapest agency in our industry, our work speaks for itself. We wouldn’t have our clients stay with us month after month if they weren’t profitable.

What kind of results can I expect?

It depends on your ad spend. We work with schools from $1.5k-$10k+ ad spend per month. Our goal is to get our clients minimum 10 new students every single month.

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Apply for a demo call and if you qualify our team will learn more about your school and recommend you what service would be the best fit to help you crush your goals.


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